Case Study

To create a positive change takes a bold vision, determination and resilience to see it through. Personally, the food industry, is close to my heart. I have been involved at multiple levels within the hospitality industry throughout my life and have noticed the inefficiencies and common struggles many cafes and restaurants face.

I decided to create a system to solve many of the problems the hospitality industry faces. Ensuring the restaurant is in peoples minds, online presence, with marketing, an e-commerce facility, and that is just the start of the benefits to bring more dollars in the door and profit to reward the owners for the hard work and dedication.

I want to share the below case study with you to hopefully, get you to think differently and action change to provide a better more positive, profitable outcome for you.

The following case study is based on accumulated data recorded for one of our clients. The change in their business operations, service offering, and profit was extremely positive.

This example is one of a number of positive results; however, we cannot guarantee the success for your business. If you use the available resources, success is far more likely; however, the following information should be used as a guide and for educational purposes only.

What we are about

Global Eats is determined to help cafes and restaurant owners improve their businesses. Global Eats provides support that is affordable and a process for small businesses usually only enjoyed by larger restaurant chains.

With well-structured planning, marketing and a ready built e-commerce site, it allows you to focus on what you do best, preparing and serving the food and delights you create.

We are a company and registered charity that believes in creating a better tomorrow for everyone.

We have a social purpose to help food and hospitality businesses operate more effectively and profitably, and most importantly provide business owners a better life. We specialize in providing services most businesses lack including professional marketing, online ordering, and an intuitive e-commerce site so everything runs smoothly. We provide this support, through our large team of dedicated professionals and the sophisticated IT team, supporting the network, and the online tools we provide.


The Restaurant this case study relates to is in Coffs Harbour, on the mid-north coast of NSW.

Before the business joined Global Eats, the restaurant was paying significant costs for various ineffective online strategies, including $220.00 per month for website hosting. The business had no Online Ordering System in place and was paying $14.95 per order to a delivery driver for orders received over the telephone.

The total annual costs to the business were:

  • Web Hosting: $2640.00
  • Deliveries (Phone Orders): $23,322.00

The business turned over $5,500 per week on average before engaging Global Eats and now is averaging $13,500 per week. The funny irony of this was being called multiple times by the restaurant owner asking for the online system to be taken down on various nights as they were unable to keep up with the increase in orders.

Global Eats Strategy

Global Eats provided the following:

  • A sales and marketing plan that was ZERO cost to the business.
  • Developed a full e-commerce site with easy ordering for customers.
  • Implemented the marketing plan at no cost to the business.
  • Hosted the website at zero fees to the business.
  • Provided ongoing IT support to the business.
  • Provided consultation services to refine business processes and reduce costs.
  • Negotiated with other product providers to offer incentives for customers to go online and purchase.

The Results

The graph below illustrates the initial ordering pattern by customers through the implementation of the Global Eats System.

The graph below illustrates the growth in sales and deliveries since the inception of our service for a Steak House in NSW. Prior to commencement the average delivery / online orders were 2 per night.

Overall, the Global Eats System based on a pro-rata basis has increased sales and reduced overheads along with providing the business with a support team that is able to provide feedback and information to the business to enhance their service levels and profitability.

Example Social Media Posts

In today’s world, simply adding a picture of your products and a post about what you have to offer is less likely to create sales than what it did 10-15 years ago.

Potential Customers on Social Media Platforms are more likely to review your posts if there is some form of entertainment.

This might be audio background music, a parody about a product or other proprietary ways we can create greater penetration for your brand.
By doing this and developing a local audience of 8-15,000 on Facebook we were able to create and monitor a net increase in sales.

For this business the end results are:

Reduced Overheads: $24,892.00

Increased Sales: $121,992.00

Nett Benefit: $146,884.00