Global Eats is owned by Global Glamping Pty Ltd and is part of a series of businesses that are aimed at raising money to find a solution to homelessness. For a full description of our activities please see and as these two entities work in tandem to create the solution.

Global Eats provides services to Restaurants that:

  1. Reduce Costs
  2. Increase Sales
  3. Increase Brand Awareness and Value.

We do this by offering a innovative and unique system that includes:

  1. An App on the Google and Itunes stores for ordering.
  2. Creating interactive video advertising for social media platforms.
  3. Marketing your restaurant to over a million people each week.
  4. eCommerce website and web hosting.
  5. A proprietary POS system (on request)

To do this, we recruit Representatives to engage in a unique and easy to use system. This system allows Representatives to earn as much as they like and invest as much or little time as they choose. We provide the System, access to training and full support so everyone can achieve their personal goals and we can contribute to solving world homelessness.

Part of our strategy is to create a system that allows people with the opportunity to create wealth for themselves. By doing this, we are empowering individuals with an opportunity avoid life circumstances that may lead to economic homelessness.

By creating financial security with, and for our Representatives and participating restaurants we are able to create a stream of resources to solve homelessness.

We come from an underpinning belief that there are sufficient resources in the world for everyone, and it is the management of these resources that leads to poverty rather than the lack in the first place.

Global Eats is a unique Win:Win proposition for the right people.